It’s a buzz all book lovers know…that wonderful, dizzying, tingly feeling when you’re experiencing a great book? It’s a PARTY to celebrate the romance between readers and writers. Forget stuffy signings. Forget shuffling from table to table in a boring conference room somewhere. “BookBuzz” is a CELEBRATION! An opportunity for authors to mix and mingle with readers, to chat one-on-one about books and writing. It’s an opportunity to get great signed books at bargain prices!

Founded by three author pals, Francine LaSala (The Girl, the Gold Tooth & Everything), Samantha Bailey (Woman on the Edge), and Meredith Schorr (Blogger Girl), it all started out as a way for author friends from around the world to have a meet and greet together. But the friends also wanted to reach out to readers. To have an event where they could get to know who was reading their books, and celebrate those readers. Have a party for readers. And thus, the BookBuzz author-reader party concept was born!

Meet readers. Party with author pals. Get deals on signed books. It’s time to get your “Buzz” on! RSVP today!

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