Julie Valerie

DSC_0075JULIE VALERIE, book blogger, promotes and publicizes contemporary women’s fiction, modern lit & chick lit books, authors, trends and industry news on her blog, Chick Lit Chit Chat, and through multiple social media channels.
Most popular page views on Julie’s book blog relate to her 2013 Reading Challenge: To Read and Post Book Reviews for 52 Books in 52 Weeks. As part of this reading challenge program, Julie publicizes the book she is reading on her blog, Twitter, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads. Book reviews are first posted on her book blog (Chick Lit Chit Chat) then a week later on other social media sites. Also popular are her “Ode to Bridget Jones” posts in which she chronicles her rereading of this 1996 watershed book in the modern chick lit genre. Julie also dedicates a page in her menu to new book releases and another to a list of modern lit & chick lit authors.
Launched in January 2013, Julie’s blog, Chick Lit Chit Chat can be found at http://www.julievalerie.com. Julie’s Twitter handle is @JBValerie and she can be found on Goodreads and Google+ by her first and last name, Julie Valerie.

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